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Our comprehensive services include 3D architecture visualization, 3D modeling, colored floor plan, isometric floor plans, augmented reality, 360 virtual reality tours for interior spaces, and BIM/REVIT/FUZOR/4D Simulation.

3D Architectural ArchiViz

Exterior Perspective View


Augmented Reality (AR) Tour

showcase the 3D MODEL house in augmented reality technology environment, while the AR software uses computer vision and image recognition algorithms to track the camera’s movements and overlay the 3D model onto the environment in real-time.

The user can then interact with the model using touch or other input methods, and view it from different angles by moving the device.

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Virtual Reality (VR) Tour

360 virtual reality tour


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We Are Best 3D ARCHIVIZ Since 2010

M 4 NET is a leading 3D architecture visualization and rendering services firm, specializing in creating realistic visualizations and immersive experiences for architectural projects.

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is a professional 3d rendering firm’s that is use computer generated 3d rendering skills and 3d modeling techniques to create outstanding 3d photorealistic images and video animation from your ideas and drawing.

Our Vision & Mission

Our goal is to provide you with a products and services that will bring you back for more.

Creating lasting relationships makes up a lot of our business, so we try our best to go the extra mile and work with your specific  needs on a particular project. 

We are currently provide services for a broad range of clients from architects, interior designers, and engineer consultant to major architectural firms, real estate agency and property developer within Sarawak and KL.

Why Choose Us

In today’s crowed real estate and  architectural design environment, times arechanging extremely fast. You can’t build interest in potential clients with old school tools anymore.

Adding our services to your professional presentations and marketing package can mean the difference between getting or loses that contract. There is simply no better way to cost-effectively convey your message and impress your clients. Not to mention that photorealistic presentations take away all the uncertainties your clients or investors may have about a project.

Immersive 3D Tours

Experience stunning 3D virtual reality tours of interior spaces

A 360 interior images virtual reality tour is a type of virtual tour that allows viewers to experience a space in a fully immersive way. It typically involves capturing a series of high-quality photographs or videos of the interior of a space from multiple angles, and then stitching them together to create a seamless, 360-degree view.

Viewers can explore the space as if they were physically there, using their computer or mobile device to navigate through the environment and look around in any direction. This type of virtual tour is often used in real estate, architecture, and interior design to showcase properties and give potential buyers or renters a better sense of the space before visiting in person.

In addition to 360-degree images, some virtual reality tours may also incorporate interactive elements such as hotspots, which allow viewers to click on specific points within the environment to learn more information or view additional content.

Below is a link to view my 360 VR tour that one of my clients used my services:



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